Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) grant

If you live in the UK, you can benefit from OLEVs’ ‘Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme’. From the 1st of April 2020 on the grant covers 75% of the cost of one chargepoint and its installation up to a maximum of £350 (including VAT) per household/ per eligible vehicle. A second chargepoint can be claimed if an individual can evidence keepership of two eligible electric vehicles.


Step 1 – Check the requirements:
Private individuals who purchased an eligible electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle from 1st October 2016 onwards and have off-street parking can apply. Please note: You must install an OLEV-approved smart charge point. We ensure that our wall boxes are OLEV-approved.

  • Your EV was bought after 1st October 2016, or it is on order and due in the next 4 months.
  • You will be the registered keeper, lessee, or nominated driver of the EV.
  • You intend to keep your EV for at least 6 months.
  • You have off street parking to install your charge point, where the cable will not run across a public footpath.
  • This is the first charge point to be installed at your address.

In case this is the second charge point you want to install; you must have 2 eligible EVs that fulfil the above mentioned criteria.

If you are leasing your electric vehicle you can find further information here.

Step 2 – Installation:
The installation date cannot be more than 4 months ahead of the delivery date of your electric vehicle/ date you become the registered driver. Please note: For the installation you must use an OLEV-approved chargepoint installer. We ensure that our local installation partners are OLEV-approved qualified professionals.

Step 3 - Application steps:
We will claim the OLEV grant on your behalf. All you need to do is to decide if you are eligible for OLEV during the order process. While configuring your ID.Charger the requirements for the OLEV grant will be shown and you just need to select “Yes” in case you meet all of them. If you are eligible for the OLEV grant, you will receive an already reduced invoice.
Further information on the OLEV grant and the requirements can be found on the official page.

Additional Energy Saving Trust (EST) grant:

If you are a Scottish resident you can benefit from Energy Savings Trust Scotland who offers up to £300 (with an additional £100 available for those that fall under category 8 of the Scottish Government’s most recent Urban Rural Classification) on top of the OLEV grant for purchasing and installation costs. In difference to the OLEV grant you must apply for the EST grant yourself. Therefore, you must hand in a quote for the purchase and installation of your chosen home charger.

Important: Please download the quote which will be provided at the end of ŠKODA iV Charger Connect+ configuration.

Note: You can complete your purchase before receiving your EST grant approval. However, the appointment for the installation work can only be arranged after you have been issued a grant offer letter by EST. Therefore, please get in touch with Elli and/or the local installation partner to schedule your installation after you have confirmed your eligibility, applied for EST funding using the quote and received a subsequent confirmation of funding, along with your reference number (format EVSSE###).

Further information on the EST grant, the requirements and the application process can be found on the official page


Great - it looks like it is feasible to install a ŠKODA iV Charger Connect+ at your home.

Get ready for the next step in your electrifying future and finalise your configuration.

Configure and purchase your ŠKODA iV Charger Connect+

Thank you for providing your details.

There might be some challenges for installing a ŠKODA iV Charger Connect+ at your home. But don’t worry, we will do our best to find a solution for you! Below you will find our detailed suggestions, please refer to the one that best reflects your answer.

Challenge 1:

The cable route from the property to the parking space is likely to be greater than 10m so fall outside our standard installation package and may require groundwork. It may also require additional permissions from other landowners.

How to proceed:

We recommend you to proceed with your order. Our local installation partner will clarify your specific details during the home heck by asking you for some photos and conducting a virtual home check. You may cancel the order if any costs exceed your expectations.

Challenge 2:

If you are not the owner of the property or do not have the consent of your landlord to carry out the installation then an installation will not be possible.

How to proceed:

Please gain permission before continuing with the purchase.

Challenge 3:

There is no straight wall measuring at least 30 cm wide, in the vicinity of your vehicle to attach the charger to.

How to proceed:

Usually, the charger needs to be mounted to a wall or a similar surface, which is stable enough to hold a wallbox. In case there’s nothing like this close to your parking spot, our local installation partner will try to recommend a suitable alternative, although this mean the installation falls outside our standard installation package. We recommend to continue with the order and clarify details during the home check with our installation partner. You may cancel the order if any costs exceed your expectations.

For further information and advice, please contact our customer support.

Configure and purchase your ŠKODA iV Charger Connect+

Is the ŠKODA iV Charger Connect+ installation feasible at your home?

With just a few clicks you can check the feasibility of installation at your home. You’ll receive an indication if our standard package fits your needs or if there are likely to be any challenges to overcome.

Regardless of the result, both we and our installer will do our best to make an installation possible.

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Great - You are OLEV eligible.

Save up to £350 now and finalise your configuration.

Continue with £350 OLEV grant

Sorry - it seems your are not OLEV eligible

In order to check out OLEV grant requirements you can visit our financial funding page or finanlise your ŠKODA iV Charger configuration without OLEV.

Continue without OLEV grant

Check your OLEV eligibility

The OLEV grant will reduce the cost of your ŠKODA  iV Charger+ and its installation by £350.

We will claim the grant on your behalf. All you need to do is to check if you meet the requirements. Please check them and confirm your eligibility.

To learn more about the OLEV grant scheme please have a look at our information material financial subidies or find out more on the OLEV website.

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